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Our software engineers design motor control and regulation algorithms with regard to the quality and safety standards of the automotive industry: Automotive SPICE® resp. ISO/IEC 15504, Misra Compliance and functional safety/ASIL.

The motor control algorithms are constantly expanded and our software team ports them onto new controller platforms, as soon as they come onto the market. NIDEC driveXpert supports

  • for automotive applications specified integrated motor controller families
    • Melexis MLX812xy / MLX813xy / MLX81150
    • NXP MagniV S12ZVM *
  • for industrial applications specified microcontroller families based on Cortex-MX-Processor Cores
    • Infineon XMC4000
    • STMicroElectronics STM32F
    • NXP K20 *
    • NXP LPC4000
*former Freescale 

Automotive SPICE – Maturity model for software processes

Within the automotive industry, the ability of a software supplier to develop and to qualify high-class software, is evaluated with the aid of the SPICE Process Assessment Model. The higher the SPICE Level, the more are the software processes of the suppliers matured.

Since its foundation, NIDEC driveXpert delivers software to external automotive suppliers who have to fulfill the requirements of level 1 and 2. To guarantee these quality standards our engineers constantly strive after improvement of our software processes and the software processes of our customers.

Capability levels and process attributes according to SPICE® (Source: Method Park Software AG)
Capability levels and process attributes according to SPICE® (Source: Method Park Software AG)

Melexis Motor Controller Families

Due to cooperation with the company Melexis NIDEC driveXpert can apply specific highly integrated controller platforms for the development of automotive auxiliary units like oil pumps, fuel pumps, water pumps as well as climate fans and cooling fans (Melexis-Support).