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Melexis support

Melexis offers a family of highly integrated Motor-Control-ICs for BLDC and DC motors. We support our customers with the application of these products in automotive drive systems. The level of support diversifies from basic consulting services to the entire realization of a system development.

Melexis motor controller families

Due to a close development cooperation with the Mixed-Signal-IC-Manufacturer Melexis, our company is able to offer its customers specific, highly integrated controller platforms for automotive auxiliary units.

MLX81200 – Highly integrated sensorless 3-Phase BLDC Motor Control (Source: Melexis)
MLX81200 – Highly integrated sensorless 3-Phase BLDC Motor Control (Source: Melexis)

Based on the BLDC Motor Controller Family MLX812xy we have a development platform for oil pumps, fuel pumps, water pumps as well as for climate fans and cooling fans.

A software library with approved and for Melexis products optimized motor control algorithms enables us to generate very fast and cost-efficient software for early prototypes. Within the application of Melexis Motor Controllers, NIDEC driveXpert prefers LIN-Bus as a communication solution; but our company also supports other interfaces like PWM or CAN.

If you look for an appropriate controller platform for a new drive product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer support:

  • from the selection of the controller platform and the motor controller algorithms
  • to staff training – on site or via web conference
  • through to the entire development of software

For software developer and electronic engineers NIDEC driveXpert holds workshops on the introduction to Melexis Controller Platforms. During these workshops we either use our demonstration motors or already completed prototypes.